About Me

Hey everyone! :D I'm Tabby, but most of you guys know me as tabs24x7!

Tabby Ridiman AboutI'm 20years young. My birthday is July 12th and I LOOOVE getting cards *hint hint* O.o hehehe! That day is rightfully mine, I've claimed it....! But I share it with some people!!

I've lived my whole life in Kentucky, but I was born in Cincinnati Ohio.. I moved to a super small town in the country. It was really hard to get used to at first, but I'm in heaven now :) I'm not afraid to get dirty! Lol Mud fights are the bees knees and give you fun stories to tell when you're in a convo with someone and there's an awkward silence! bahaha! I love parties, I'm not the LEAST bit shy and it tends to frighten most people at first!


I am married to the best human on the planet. Logan Sharp! 

Totally love meeting new people because everyone's different and unique in their own way. I have a crap ton of friends( crap ton lololol) But I keep a handful of close ones.I'm well known for my craziness and weirdness LOL But that's what makes me ME! I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and if I feel strongly on the subject I'll make damn sure my opinion is heard!I don't involve myself in drama nor do I start it at that matter. I'm extremely chill about most things and something I say all the time is "eh, it happens" because well, STUFF HAPPENS!

I won't judge you off your appearance.. Because I, myself wasn't always considered "pretty" or "gorgeous" I used to be the weird girl with braces that boys didn't like and had hardly any friends. As lil wayne says "You never know how, how everything could turn around" Never let words get to you.. This is something I've learned the hard way, I have thousands of people judging every little tiny thing I do or say, and know what? I really DON'T CARE! This is MY life, I'm only going to have it once. Focus on yours and not so much on mine! If you let peoples words get to you, that means you're giving them enough power over you to affect you. Just because one person says you're "ugly" or "stupid" doesn't mean it's true.

That's just one, or a group of people out of the billions in the world. No one is perfect. No one ever will be. But be the best person you can and help others find their inner self and that's true perfection and beauty. Rumors? A waste of time. Not worth MY time.. If you believe them that's on you. But don't believe everything you hear. I can't not dance and sing to disco music.. LOLOLOL I love to travel, love to see new places. If I feel like painting myself blue one day I'll do it. Because life is too short to not do what you want, especially if it doesn't hurt someone. I'm a very happy confident person, and helping people is one of my biggest passions. I have a HUGE heart.

I live on a farm and have more animals than toes and fingers and they're my family. Each other has their own personalities if you take the time to notice. I really not a huge fan of cats though :l lol! Well, my cats! My friends are everything to me, because I have truly amazing ones.. I've been going through some stuff and I've found out who's really there for me and who isn't. I'm nice to everyone, unless you give me a reason not to like you. I'm not squeamish at all. I actually love picking sores LOL so if you have a pimply back hit me up and Sambo slice and I we'll pick it O.o LMAO! I homeschool.. Which means I do my school at home.

I have my whole life and I really enjoy it! I'm TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! kekeke!! I take joy in little things.. And I'm constantly laughing and have a smile on my face!

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