Choies haul/try on!

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I did another Choies haul/try on! :D check it out!


Direct links to these goodies!
Unicorn top
Cheese tank
Disco shorts
Crocheted top
"Livin the dream" top
Cherry top
Click here to see my winter/fall clothes from!

Lazy Sunday

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"if it involves putting pants on or brushing my hair, it isn't happening today."

My quote of the day. lol

My body is feeling super exhausted and I have a slight cold (also have my wisdom teeth coming in). So I'm taking it easy today.

Going through some pics and clips to edit a bit since my internet is running slow due to the storms we keep having! 

This is so me right now, her facial expression is on point too! XD

Mini rant!

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It irritates me when I see girls complaining about how much their man works, and has no time for them. I find it incredibly sexy when man works hard to support his family. Yes, sometimes it is hard and you do miss them, but remember who they're busting their ass for, and be thankful. Be sure to say thank you, and encourage them! Especially if you enjoy spending that hard earned money! :p  #minirant ps. I said "ass" I know. GASP!!! lolol


Warped tour 2014!

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I seriously had such a blast at Warped! I met so many amazing people! I truly have some of the most beautiful 

(inside and out) followers. I am so honored to have you all! There were times were I couldn't even walk two

feet without you guys coming up to me and telling me how much you love my videos, asking for pictures, and for me to sign things!
It was truly a wonderful experience and I hope to meet more followers in the future!

I still can't believe I have come this far, and have you guys in my life. 

I love you all!

I wanted to get a lot more footage, but I was so incredibly busy! Next year I will be sure to film more! <3

Click this link to see my Wared vlog! :D

Who cares how young your outfit makes you look!?

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This article really annoyed me. So what if she "looks 16" in her outfit and just turned22!? If she's happy in what she has on (and I personally think she looks amazing) so be it! I personally don't think she looks that young in it! Wear what YOU want, and express yourself #teamtabbycat