Tabs the house hermit!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

I officially have all my goodies in my new apartment! Logan and I went to get the last bit of stuff out of my storage unit tonight.

It's like a huge weight off my shoulders. Tomorrow I will be busy unpacking and putting everything together in my new home!

I have been running around so much the last couple weeks. It feels good to know that today was like my final day of moving stress and I can settle in now. I seriously don't want to leave my apartment for weeks! :p I've been out almost everyday since I can remember and my mind and body are so exhausted! I tend to run myself to death with business at times. My Mom reminds me to slow down and chill some. She gave me a Mommy talk about how I have dark circles under my eyes and need more sleep! :p In the middle of moving and everything else going on, I have had a nasty virus. I feel a bit run down still from it so staying home and getting healthy again is my current goal.

I plan on being a little hermit and not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to, and fliming lots of videos! :D I have quite a few new ideas! 

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