Tabby facts

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Some stuff you guys may not know about me. :3

1. I only wear skinny jeans. I don't own a pair of pants that aren't!

2. I've homeschooled my entire life.

3. I have five tattoos.

4. When I get really stressed out upset my armpits stink! EWWY! >.<

5. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

6. I haven't slept for more than six hours at a time in over a year.

7. I take two-three baths a day. One when I wake up. one in the middle of the day (depending on what I've done) and one before I go to sleep. I HATE going to bed without one. I feel too dirty and icky!

8. I am four feet nine inches, and wear a size two in kid shoes.

9. I am a surviving triplet.

10. I've bottle fed a three hundred pound tiger!

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