Stank toof!

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Tooth where are you going? TOOTH! STAHHHHP!

As you can see, I am missing half of my tooth! Fun, right?

For those who don't know, I have AWFUL teeth. I do absolutely everything

I can to take care of them and they still hate me. My older sister Mandy (who is adopted)

has perfect teeth. NOT FAIR! She is twenty four and has had one cavity her whole life. Me?

I've had three pulled, braces, a root canal, and cavities on almost every tooth. Lucky me!

My Mother blessed me with her side of the families terrible toofers.

The tooth that broke off was the one I had the root canal on about six or seven months ago.

After I had the root canal my tooth cracked but was still in place.

It has been making my gums really sensitive lately

from where it was pushing into them.

Last night I was watching Cabin in the woods with my

Mom (girls night! WOOT!). While we were watching, I was playing with my tooth with my tongue when all of a sudden I noticed there was

a gap! My tongue had pushed the cracked piece out! I ran to the bathroom to look at it then showed my Mom. Her response was "Yep. It's definitely gone." my response to that was


Good news is it doesn't hurt. It actually feels better to have it out from where it was poking my gums.

I will be getting surgery on this tooth soon. Funnnnnnnn.

My first thought after I saw it was...... At least it's one no one can see! LOL!

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