car accident this morning.

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

Mandy was in a car accident this morning. She walked into my room, crying, saying that someone driving a truck and pulling a horse trailer ran her off the road into the guard rail of a bridge. I think she was afraid I would be mad she wrecked my van. I told her the important thing was she WALKED into the room. She could have been injured or killed! The van is a lifeless hunk of metal. She is my precious child. We also need to thank our incredible neighbors Gary, who saw her walking five miles home, and picked her up, and Craig, who left his job to come help her and get the van towed, and Duckie, who came over to help, too, and even drove along the road to look for hub caps. Country neighbors are the best. David and Shelby are camping in the Red River Gorge and we were here without anyone to help us. These three men stepped up and helped us without expecting anything in return. Craig was building a house, and left the job site to help us. Duckie was cutting hay, and left the hay field to help us. We are blessed. - Momma Kas 

My stomach dropped when I got a call from Mandy crying (to the point where I could hardly understand what she was saying) saying she had been in a wreck. So, so scary. My heart goes out to all families who have lost, or have had loved ones hurt in car wrecks.  I am so happy and thankful my big sissy is ok! 

Here is a video with my older sister in it

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