Homeslice muh turtle

Written by Tabby Ridiman on .

I found this adorable little Eastern box turtle in the middle of the road last week and instantly fell in love with her. I named her Homeslice! :D LOL I am going to be building an epic outdoor turtle terrarium wih live plants and everything for her to live in!

 There will be many vlogs all about it on :D

We also have an injured male (same species) turtle at the family farm that has been hit by a lawn mower.  My Mother is going to give him to me to take care of and nurse back to health. Hopefully he makes it. He is pretty bad off right now. *fingers crossed*

I have always loved turtles, and consider them one of my favorite animals!

We've had quite a few over the years that were pets that people no longer wanted, rescued, or injured! One I remember most was my amazing turtle "Guss guss" who was a box turtle also. She had been attacked by something, and her jaw was almost completely ripped off. She was in rough shape when we found her, but we nursed her back to health, and she lived in our backyard at our old house for many years! 

If I may say so myself... I do believe I am turtley enough for the turtle club 0.0 Hehe :D


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