Getting into the holiday spirit!

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I have been feeling rather festive lately.

I have been looking up different DIY (Do It Yourself) Christmas decorations to try out!

I've found some insanely cute ones! I plan on giving them a shot, and sharing them with you guys! So expect tutorials coming your way! :D I will be posting them on and sharing past holiday stories and what not on my other channel

I am also going to make a video with Christmas gift ideas from my favorite online and in store stores (is that even a thing? Can I say in store stores?! LOL idk, but I just DID!) under $20.00 and even under $10.00! 

Lots of Holiday fun on the way! :D 

Furries in Florence!

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Yesterday I took Shelby to Florence KY for a Furry meetup. We all met at Penn Station to eat, then headed over the The Fundome afterwards. We both had an absolute blast! I'm editing the video from last night right now!  The video will be on