My online shop!

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Some of you my know that I opened my own online store not too long ago! :D

It is doing so well, thanks to all of you! I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as seccussful as it is!

Almost everything is completel sold out! I have more stuff I will be adding to the site after Thanksgiving, along with special deals. 


Woman Crush Wednesday

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Every Wednesday for quite sometime now I've been tagged and used as peoples #wcw (Woman crush Wednesday)

It's such an honor! Like omg guys! :') *sniffles with tears of joy*

Thank you all so much!

I never thought I would be this lucky to have such an amazing and sweet following! #teamtabbycat forever and always!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU GUYS! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥




Pictures from the steampunk photoshoot!

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Here's a few pictures from the steampunk photoshoot for Imperial magazine! 

For more pictures and info, click on "the blog"

Located on the upper right hand side at the top of the page! :D



I made the cover!!

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I'm on the cover of the Nov. issue of Imperial magazine this month!!! Yeeeee! ♥


I was also interviewed for the magazine and there are TONS of pictures from the shoot for the mag in there as well! :D The digital copy is only $5.99 :D


I asolutely loved getting to work with all the amazing models and photographers. Everyone did such an outstanding job!

But a special thanks to Jaimie Tull for making this possible! I hope to work with you again in the future! You have a loyal model for your magazine for life! hehe :3

Find Imperial Magazine on Facebook, and like their page! They deserve it!


I've been neglectful.

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I apologize dear blog readers.

October and November have been two very, VERY busy but exciting months for me. My new single is being released this month. *happy dance* We have been busy beavers recording the lyric/music video for it. I'm SO excited to share my song with you guys finally! <3  I have also had a few photoshoots. One was a steampunk (google it if you aren't sure what that is. It's awesome!!) shoot for a magazine. I was interviewed for the magazine as well! I have gotten several new sponsors also. It's very exciting and I am so incredibly grateful. Last but not least... I have opened my own online store! More info on everything coming sooooooon!

Everything mentioned will have its own post here, along with links for you guys!


You're beautiful no matter what age.

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I really felt it was important for me to share these pictures  of me when I was 12. I have SO many little girls writing me telling me they wish they were beautiful and could be as pretty as me. This is what I looked like when I was your age. You are all BEAUTIFUL. Personality makes a person more beautiful in my opinion. It's the first thing I notice about someone. Here's a picture or two of twelve year old tabs.

Everyone is always beautiful. I hated these pictures because I thought they were ugly when I was younger. Now I look back at them and see a young girl who was growing into herself and discovering who she is. All girls are always gorgeous no matter what age! They just don't always realize it

I'm going to make a whole video about this subject, and share even more younger tabster pictures with you guys.